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One of the most insightful commentaries I have read on the removal of the Sir John A Macdonald statue in Victoria comes from the sculptor himself @johwilldann… Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

Everybody dances at the late night fiesta at El Salvador #svpavilion #folklorama49 #myfolklorama

@BRinYWG @Dodgers Same prize as I get for your first like on this post

Great meeting new legislative page Junghyn (Richard) Han at Korean Pavilion #myfolklorama #Folklorama49

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Please join @Min_CathyCox and my MLA colleagues on Monday, August 20th as we are hosting the first ever Multicultural Day event at the Legislative Building (rotunda) from 5-7pm. We have partnered with Folkarama to bring you 7 pavilions and food from around the world! #mbpoli Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

This new equipment will replace the outdated FleetNet system. Learn more:… #mbpoli #BetterMB Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

Congratulations to @thepashuskies on their #GoodDeedsCup win! Huge honour to meet them last week while I was in The Pas. 👍 Keep up the good work! Watch 📺 #ThePasHuskies Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

Keeping Manitobans safe is our government’s priority. We have awarded the tender for the replacement of the province’s public safety communications service to @Bell_MTS. By not sole sourcing, we have saved Manitobans over $45 million dollars. 📺Watch to learn more! #mbpoli Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

I was honoured to bring greetings on behalf of Premier @Brian_Pallister at the Beautiful Eucharistic Celebration at the 98th @CWLNational Convention at St Boniface Cathedral #womenoffaith #womenofstrength #Catholic #mbpoli

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#transcona. More of our #bikerepair station tools have gone missing again. Pls share this to help ppl understand how these community assets work! #instructions @FitCityJordan @BLAIRYAK @WinnipegTrails @MsBehavior @VirginRadioWPG Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

A very positive & constructive announcement today which will fortify emergency communications for all first responders and municipalities. Thank you Ministers & MLAs for coming to Brandon to share this news!… Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

Walking downtown Transcona and ran into @heartobluegold Roy Rozmus and Vito at Romeo Bros. with Roy’s new book about @Wpg_BlueBombers legend Don Jonas

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.@MBGov announce new 2-way radio system for first responders here in #Manitoba from @Bell_MTS and @MotorolaCA #MBpoli #ThompsonOnline Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

@MsBehavior Thank you Lisa, it was a great day

@CHFManitoba Thank you Dr Goodbear for remembering my birthday, we’ve spent a lot of good times together.

Today, key changes were announced to the provincial cabinet and we welcomed one new member to our team! 📺 Watch this video to find out more! #mbpoli Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

Today our government has announced funding for the first accessible outdoor skating rink in Manitoba. Dakota Community Centre’s new Jumpstart community rink is a year-round facility for both hockey and community skating in the winter and beach volleyball in the summer. #mbpoli Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

"Mr. Kinew’s comments were very irresponsible... we’re right on track and looking forward to bringing the MRI to Dauphin.” - @BradMichaleski #mbpoli #dauphin… Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

Good government is transparent government. "The former NDP government misled Manitobans. ...the public was kept in the dark... It’s a rat’s nest. And it was concocted with deceit and a lack of transparency by the former government."… #mbpoli Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

Better headline "Taxpayers stuck with NDP's stadium debt" . Just another financial boondoggle brought to you by @mbndp #mbpoli… Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

We have issued an RFP to explore enhancements to the delivery model for government air services. Find out more here… and watch below 📺 #mbpoli Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

The former NDP government "devised an overly complex and confusing plan to mask expenses and apply property tax revenues from the former stadium" - Finance Minister @Min_Friesen #mbpoli… Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

Robb Nash, O.M., uses music to help kids address issues like bullying, addiction, self-harm and suicide. That’s why @RobbNashLOA is one of this year’s recipients of the Order of Manitoba, our province’s highest honour. WATCH 📺 #OrderofManitoba #mbpoli Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

It took 20 years for the Manitoba Liberals to officially become a Party again. And three days to reclaim typical Liberal arrogance. #MBPoli… Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

We may be on the road this week, but we know we’ll be able to hear you all the way from Winnipeg. Show your support with an RT & be automatically entered to win a jersey courtesy of @KalTire! Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

Great afternoon at my mobile office @TransconaBIZ #FarmersMarket discussing issues, helping constituents , and seeing the cutest babies #SummerintheSquare #mbpoli #listeningandhelping

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Congratulations to the MLA-elect for St. Boniface @DFLamont. I look forward to welcoming you to the MB Legislature. #mbpoli Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

Thanks for being such a great champion @Brian_Pallister! Hope the other provinces follow your call to remove interprovincial trade barriers! #freemygrapes… Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

A night to remember at the Canadian Museum of Human Rights @CMHR_News . So much to learn about historical mistakes & pray we do not find ourselves repeating them. So special to share some moments with colleagues from the Midwest Conference! #2018MLC @CSGovts Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

Former Premier & Ambassador Gary Doer on regulatory roadblocks preventing pipeline construction notes that he believes in "due diligence not due dithering" & jokes that it's equivalent to having a "one lawyer per barrel of oil" @CSGovts #2018MLC #mbpoli #thetiesthatbind Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

Highlight of the day was an American Question Period in our Chamber. Our southern colleagues did a brilliant job. Our mace was a hockey stick and Speaker Kelvin Goertzen kept everybody within the rules. #2018MLC Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

Gary Doer, #Canada's former ambassador to the #US and ex-#Manitoba premier, speaks at the #2018MLC on "The Ties That Bind: The Vital US-Canada Relationship." #CSGMidwest via ^CSGMidwest Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

Thanks to Keynote speaker former Ambassador Doer #2018MLC for speaking the importance of US/Canadian Relationships @WaschukCanUA @AShevch he ending his speech with the words he spoke to the Russian Ambassador #GetOutofCrimea

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At the Gardenton Ukrainian Festival enjoying the entertainment with colleague @BLAIRYAK Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

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Hanging out with my buddy Blair Yakimoski @BLAIRYAK.At Rock On The Red !!!!!! Great tunes, great people, great event! Thanks for allowing us the opportunity to give water eduction @HalfMoonDriveIn Great to be here! Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

Transcona Biz Summer Concert Series | July 13-27 on Fridays @ 6:00 pm-8:00 pm | Transcona Centennial Square #Winnipeg #free Start your weekend off right by heading down the Transcona Centennial Square and enjoy a two-hour concert on the… Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

Who doesn’t, how about a giant varenyky. Oops wouldn’t see it in the winter

Rusalka had an egg-cellent weekend trip to Vegreville for the Vegreville Pysanka Festival! Thank you so much to everyone at the festival for all that you did for us this weekend! Photo cred: @BLAIRYAK Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

Thank you Blair Yakimoski (MLA for Transcona) for your help door knocking tonight in St. Boniface. Merci Blair Yakimoski (deputé de Transcona) pour ton aide ce soir à Saint-Boniface. Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

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