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In an effort to reduce the number of discoloured water occurrences, the City of Winnipeg is changing a step in the water treatment process. Starting in fall 2018, the coagulant being used… instagram.com/p/BqQBhfeA0G4/… Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

Dr. Peter Nickerson formally receives the 2018 Medal for Research Excellence from @kidneycanada’s national & local team. Congratulations! @hsc_winnipeg @umanitoba @UM_RadyFHS @CanadasLifeline #kidney #research Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

Blood clinic in Transcona Dec 10 adopted by the “Transcona MLA” who uses a plasma protein product. Come on down Thanks to you and all donors #HAE #Berinert twitter.com/doublea1215/st…

#FriendlyManitoban #FortheW twitter.com/brinywg/status…

Kim Clermont talking about her great care after her heart attack at @sbh_winnipeg with @radiosamantha for the @STBHF Radiothon #hope #healing thanks to the many sponsors like @sobeys @SafewayCanada @680CJOB @cjob @power97wpg @peggy991 @VickarChevrolet #mbpoli #giving

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@sbh_winnipeg @STBHF #Radiothon #Hope #Healing with @joeaiellowpg speaking to Kim Clermont on her amazing care after her 2017 heart attack #mbpoli

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The lovely, inimitable, home grown talent, Chantal Kreviazuk sharing her gift of music and story. #cmha100gala #Winnipeg #mentalhealthforall facebook.com/CMHAmbwpg/vide… Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

It was an honour to bring greetings at tonight’s @CMHAmbwpg gala dinner. 100 years of community is a remarkable achievement. A success that cannot be accomplished without the support of so many. Thank you, @chantalkreviaz & CMHA, for the important work you do. Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

Thanks to @chantalkreviaz for your #storytelling and support of @CMHA_NTL at tonight’s celebration of 100 years of Community with @CMHAmbwpg #inspiringManitoban #seekpeace #cmha100 #mentalhealthforall #mbpoli

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Great story of appreciation as @Brian_Pallister travels back to New Mexico to thank first responders who came to his assistance last year! #mbpoli grantcountybeat.com/news/news-arti… Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

Thanks @atlisgeo all the presenters for their input twitter.com/Min_Fielding/s…

Thank you @Min_Fielding @JamesTeitsma @reghelwer @a_micklefield @BLAIRYAK for letting a few of us bend your ears at tonight’s pre-budget consultation (and thank you James for the invitation!). Always nice to see you @BelindaSquance 🙂 Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

Hello parents/teachers/coaches/guardians! Come explore #Transcona with your child and their camera. Discover what's great about our neighbourhood and win some $$ too! (Open to those 18 and under) @TransconaBIZ #Winnipeg #ShutterBug Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

I cannot relate. I cannot compare. I cannot comprehend. I cannot imagine. But I can remember. #RememberanceDay2018 Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

@BLAIRYAK The George is definitely a classic and certainly my favourite especially since it’s paired up with @LittleBonesWing BEST WINGS EVER! Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

Transcona MLA @BLAIRYAK congratulates Pratts Wholesale on over 100 years in business serving the food and beverage industry. youtu.be/s5Tk-B9vHps #mbpoli Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

Today is National Aboriginal Veterans Day. This is our opportunity as Manitobans to acknowledge and honour the many Indigenous men and women who have served and continue to serve our country in times of war, conflict and peace. #mbpoli #LestWeForget Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

Additional $3.2 million announced for Neonatal Intensive Care #mbpoli healingourhealthsystem.ca/media-181107.p…Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

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Thrilled to see former Transcona product @MarkusAChambers appointment as #DeputyMayor you will do us all proud #wpgpoli #MBpoli

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Congrats returning Councillors @jbrowaty and @B_MayesSTV and the new guy for TRANSCONA!!!!!Councillor @ShawnNason1 on your induction today #wpgpoli #mbpoli

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Congrats to Speaker @DeviSharmaWpg and @ScottGillingham Chair of Finance at today’s Inauguration #wpgpoli #mbpoli

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Honoured to attend today’s Inauguration and swearing in of @Mayor_Bowman on behalf of @Min_JWharton #wpgpoli #mbpoli

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Umm The George!!!! And yes we think Transcona is a small town that thinks big twitter.com/gregnesbittpc/…

Beginning this evening, the Hindu, Sikh, Jain and Buddhist communities will celebrate Diwali and Bandi Chhor Diwas. The Festival of lights will bring together family and friends in prayer and ritual. I wish everyone a very Happy Diwali! #Diwali #mbpoli Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

Premier @Brian_Pallister speaks about the made-in-Manitoba Climate and Green Plan and our commitment to stand up for Manitoba against Ottawa's two-tier carbon tax. youtu.be/ttnjJdE2diA #mbpoli #cdnpoli Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

What did you do before noon today? A 30yo woman was pulled over for speeding in 2 different cars this morning by the same officer on the west perimeter. At 8:27am she was clocked at 124kmh ($364) & at 11:55am for 119kmh ($299) = $663. #noexcuses #rcmpmb Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

A pleasure to meet with Brandon Mayor @RickChrest yesterday. Congratulations on your second term and I look forward to continuing to work together. #mbpoli #bdnmb Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

Starting off Veterans Week joining my colleagues @BLAIRYAK & @JamesTeitsma at the “No Stone Left Alone” ceremony at the Transcona Cemetery Field of Honour. Thank you to Mr. Peter Martin of the Transcona Legion for organizing and having students participate. #LestWeForget #mbpoli Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

Absolutely thrilled for my friend @RaquelDancho, who was nominated tonight as the @CPC_HQ candidate in Kildonan-St. Paul and will be a phenomenal Member of Parliament! Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

Happy Diwali 2018! I was honoured to attend the Festival of Lights with Hindu Society of MB President Ajay Pandey and his wife Anita, @Folklorama President Avrom Charach and my many colleagues including my friend @Min_Schuler #Diwali2018 Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦 twitter.com/espn/status/10… Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

Thanks Kevin Poirier for touring us around the state of the art facilities at @ACCMB Len Evens Campus Great hands on training for trades jobs that are in high demand in Manitoba and across Canada #trades #mbpoli Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

Thanks @Min_Friesen! It was a great presentation and makes me excited about the innovative approaches in your health system to create better outcomes for Manitobans. @mbchambersofcom twitter.com/Min_Friesen/st… Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

We’re transforming Manitoba’s health system, improving patient care and ensuring its long-term sustainability. Happy to talk about health care this morning at @mbchambersofcom breakfast. #mbpoli Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

"I am honoured to announce the appointment of Jay Grewal as the first female president and CEO of one of our province’s most important Crown corporations." - Premier @Brian_Pallister #mbpoli twitter.com/MBGovNews/stat… Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

Pleased to have spoken to the Conference Board of Canada this morning about Manitoba’s Provincial Nominee Program. #MBPoli Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

Premier @Brian_Pallister notes the Halloween theme in many of the NDP's questions this week 🎃 #mbpoli Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

Tonight we as the Government of Manitoba, and the PC Caucus commerate and stand with the Jewish Community against Antisemitism and hatred. #standwithpittsburgh #prayersforpittsburgh @Min_Schuler @BLAIRYAK @MartinforMorris @reghelwer @a_micklefield @nicjamescurry @jonreyes204 Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

As @Min_Stefanson lit a candle on behalf of govt in memory of the 11 victims of #PittsburghSynagogueShooting, the words of Shaarey Zedek Rabbi Leibel stood out "the only way you really fight darkness is light, so we continue to try & be as positive as we possibly can." #mbpoli Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

Thanks to @craigkielburger & @marckielburger for a FUN experience at #Weday Manitoba! Craig shared with me that 📚434 We Schools in MB volunteered ⏰ 244,408 hours & raised over💰$450 million for 🌾 local & 🌍global causes! Filled with prairie pride! 🎥 Watch here 👇🏻@WEMovement Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

Proud as a Rusalka Alumni to see these 2 Communities come together with 1 Hope for a #worldwithoutHate #mbpoli twitter.com/RusalkaWpg/sta…

Thank you to @cancersociety for meeting our @PCcaucus this morning and sharing the information on tobacco use and the seriousness of tobacco as a public health issue. #CancerAwareness #mbpoli Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

Premier @Brian_Pallister on the @ndpcaucus: “It’s orange, it’s hollow, and - just like a Jack O’Lantern - it doesn’t really scare anyone anymore.” Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister speaking at WE Day. #WEWinnipeg #MBPoli Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

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🎉BIG NEWS! 🎉 It's official: Manitoba has been named a Top 10 Region in the WORLD on the Lonely Planet 2019 Best in Travel List! lonelyplanet.com/best-in-travel… #exploremb #explorecanada Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

Learn about investment opportunities for northern Manitoba. bit.ly/2N2NQ7n Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

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.@Min_Stefanson makes a Ministerial Statement on the senseless anti-Semitic violence that took place at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, and honours the memory of the victims. youtu.be/oAmLFsyoojQ #mbpoli Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

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