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Great listening to Dr.Marc Riedl from @US_HAEA & Dr Marco Cicardi at the #NRBDO Conference about #ComprehensiveCare @HAEDAY @MikeHarrisPC @rarediseaseday Thank you for all you do to help those of us living with #HAE #RareDisease #mbpoli

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Our team wishes the Premier a speedy recovery! #mbpoli twitter.com/mbgovnews/stat… Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

Our Incoming Chair and @CNRailway Manager of Public Affairs @FenskePeg shares the jobs impact CN has on #Winnipeg - and will continue to have as their hiring drive expands #CivicLeadersDinner Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

@samoosterhoff @MacLeodLisa Congrats Sam and it was a pleasure meeting you yesterday

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Nothing makes a trip to #ROM more realistic than a 3 year old being a T-Rex stomping around the dinosaur exhibit #Calvin&Hobbes #roar

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Decent humans do not mock someone who has been injured. Give your head a shake if your first reaction to another’s pain is to laugh. Praying for a speedy recovery and safe return to Manitoba @Brian_Pallister ! #mbpoli Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

Sitting in @RealSports in the heart of @MapleLeafs territory watchin the Jets game and discussing issues with Chief Cameron Catcheway and @markscheifele55 snipes one in the dying seconds......2 guys cheering in a bar of hundreds of Torontonians #GoJetsGo #mbpoli #Manitobans

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So I dropped by MPP @MacLeodLisa and I get to meet @timhudak and have a discussion on concussion in sport with @LindrosEric #mbpoli

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@MacLeodLisa @Wes_McLean @timhudak @JYakabuskiMPP My reaction may have been deemed how do we say “unparliamentary”

.@BLAIRYAK made an #MLA2WorkDay visit to @CanadNation Transcona to see the great work that Yabeth takes care of (with Assistant Manager Tracy Gehring). Thanks for celebrating employment inclusion! Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

Our first step was improving service standards and clearing the backlog. We are now introducing new pathways to permanent residence #mbpoli twitter.com/mbgovnews/stat… Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

Great to see members of the #Transcona Legion Branch no. 7 at the #Manitoba #Legislature today for a special #RemembranceDay reception hosted by @jonreyes204 #WeWillRememberThem #mbpoli Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

Happy to join @JamesTeitsma & @BLAIRYAK this AM for the “No Stone Left Alone” ceremony in the Transcona Cemetery Field of Honour. #mbpoli Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

Congrats to all the nominees and winners @MBGov Apprenticeship MB #AwardsofDistinction and MB @WorldSkillsAD star Ashley Weber #mbpoli

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MLA @reghelwer and Minister @kelvin_goertzen speaking to media about the newly-announced committee regarding organ donation in MB. #mbpoli Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

Transcona MLA @BLAIRYAK asks @Min_Wishart about our government's investment in education infrastructure. youtu.be/EZK4MuIJm94 #mbpoli Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

So what's @mbndp first complaint about our made in MB green plan? That rate be much much higher, at least $50/tonne to $100/tonne #mbpoli Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

#GreenMB lets Manitobans decide how and where carbon revenue should be spent, not Ottawa. #mbpoli #cdnpoli Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

Our new Climate & Green Plan will reduce carbon pollution causing climate change #mbpoli youtube.com/watch?v=cnnxkd… Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

Climate & Green Plan will lead to MB becoming the greenest, most climate resilient province #mbpoli youtube.com/watch?v=cnnxkd… Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

“NDP knew climate plan wouldn't meet emissions targets: auditor general's report” #mbpoli twitter.com/cbcmanitoba/st… Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

NDP continue to harp that Bill 24 is omnibus bill - fun fact NDP introduced 44 omnibus bills during last 6 yrs in office #mbpoli #irony Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

"We're not going to be proceeding with a health-care premium" - Premier @Brian_Pallister #mbpoli twitter.com/CBCManitoba/st… Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

I learned something important Mohinder Saran, MLA for Maples, does not use @YouTube Sad, it is a great tool for political engagement #mbpoli Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

NDP crtiical of Bill 24 due to its omnibus nature while conveniently forgetting as govt they passed multiple omnibus bills #mbpoli #oops Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

Help us find Jack Pierre, 10 yrs old. Anyone with any information is to call Missing Persons Unit at 204-986-6250. winnipeg.ca/police/press/2… Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

@LittleBonesWing Well tonight I crossed off another 5 new to add to the previous 10 and that's like asking which child do I love best #gottaGoBack #WingNight

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Congratulations Atoms off to the Championship! Congrats @FGLionPride on a hard fought game! Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

Pleasure to have breakfast with @manitobanurses president Sandi Mowat in Edmonton this morning. Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

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Just expressed my concern to the federal government about the health impact of legalization of canabis and timeline of July 2018. #MBPoli Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

"The time has come for MB to put families first and make changes that improve the current system for family law" - @Min_Stefanson #mbpoli twitter.com/MBGovNews/stat… Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

"I gotta go, it's been a pleasure doin' business with you" The pleasure was all ours, Gord. Thank you for the music. #RIPGord @gorddownie Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

Congrats to all the Graduates @uwinnipeg Fall Convocation Hard work intellect and passion is on display Good Luck #ourfuture #mbpoli

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True enough about "Leg" day back in the chamber tomorrow twitter.com/msbehavior/sta…

Proud to have my son @Scott_Yaki with me #givingback twitter.com/janicemlpcsein…

We are delighted to receive this generous support from the UK government. @CdnChildProtect's #ProjectArachnid helps survivors by getting images/videos of their child sexual abuse off the internet- a critical step offering hope to end the cycle of abuse. gov.uk/government/new… Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

Some important info from our front line EMS professionals. #mbpoli twitter.com/winnipegrha/st… Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

Former NDP education minister sues mb teachers association over alleged broken promise #irony #mbpoli twitter.com/CBCManitoba/st… Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

The thoughts and prayers of all Canadians are with the victims of the senseless shooting in Las Vegas last night. Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

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