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"I gotta go, it's been a pleasure doin' business with you" The pleasure was all ours, Gord. Thank you for the music. #RIPGord @gorddownie Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

Excellent tour of the new @IERHA_MB Selkirk Regional Health Centre with @Min_Eichler @AlanLagimodiere @WayneEwaskoMLA @BLAIRYAK #mbpoli Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

Congrats to all the Graduates @uwinnipeg Fall Convocation Hard work intellect and passion is on display Good Luck #ourfuture #mbpoli

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True enough about "Leg" day back in the chamber tomorrow twitter.com/msbehavior/sta…

We are delighted to receive this generous support from the UK government. @CdnChildProtect's #ProjectArachnid helps survivors by getting images/videos of their child sexual abuse off the internet- a critical step offering hope to end the cycle of abuse. gov.uk/government/new… Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

Some important info from our front line EMS professionals. #mbpoli twitter.com/winnipegrha/st… Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

Former NDP education minister sues mb teachers association over alleged broken promise #irony #mbpoli twitter.com/CBCManitoba/st… Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

The thoughts and prayers of all Canadians are with the victims of the senseless shooting in Las Vegas last night. Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

Pleased to present a proclamation acknowledging Islamic History Month in Manitoba @jonreyes204 Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

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We will not tolerate intolerance. We condemn hate here and across Canada. Thoughts and prayers are with the people of Edmonton. Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

40+ new physicians in only 2 RHAs! Let that sink in for a bit! Great recruitment efforts! twitter.com/MBGovNews/stat… Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

Come down tomorrow and try this at east end as part of @TransconaBIZ Trans+FORM WOW!!! MIndBlowing twitter.com/bitspacedevelo…

Appreciated my visit to the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation & participate in open & honest dialogue with @KevinLamoureux. Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

Great to see the work @Uofmanitoba does with food producers to work toward measurable health benefits in the enhanced food offerings avail twitter.com/um_research/st…

MLAs @BLAIRYAK @jonreyes204 and @JamesTeitsma at @umanitoba today learning about food production from field to farm to fork! #mbpoli Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

Stand with Brian against the Liberal small business tax hike - sign here: pcmanitoba.com/no_higher_taxe… #mbpoli #cdnpoli Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

Team #Ukraine enters the arena @InvictusToronto opening; driven by warrior will, but also thanks to supporters from across #Canada Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

Hmmmm, oops I mean Mmmmmm!!!!❤️❤️❤️ twitter.com/aceburpeeshow/…

Get tips on having age-appropriate discussions w/ your #kids about personal #safety: kidsintheknow.ca/app/en/parents #pbloggers #parenting Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

"Characterizing the last 25 years of tax policy as "loopholes" is insulting to businesses who have used them in good faith,": @KRossChamber Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

The proposed Liberal tax hike is bad news for Manitobans. Sign if you agree: pcmanitoba.com/no_higher_taxe… #mbpoli #cdnpoli Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

Premier @Brian_Pallister joins small business owners to answer questions from media on proposed federal tax changes. #mbpoli #cdnpoli Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

#TMfilmfest is here! Join us for submitted short films & heritage shorts. Info: bit.ly/2eU47yG | #Canada150 #CFC150 #winnipegfdn Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

@ken_kjwilkie Was ready but had to go to choir practice. It looks like I wasn't the lucky charm after all #FishWin #AAChampions #repeat

@bendersun Nice how you fit balk in as it was instrumental in the win #mustwriteforaliving

A reason why Manitoba's economy was stagnant under the previous government...906,824 regulatory requirements = lots of #redtape. #mbpoli twitter.com/martinformorri… Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

@Wpg_Goldeyes #FishWinx3 Bottom of the 17th woo hoo But look at the line up at 1:15am for tix for tomorrow's #WinnerTakeAll #LongestGameAA

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I showed up to pick up my daughter in the 9th inning. Nobody told me there were 8 or 9 more innings #c'monFish #LongestGameAA twitter.com/wpg_goldeyes/s…

Great discussions at CCPAC conf this week with legislators from all political stripes working to ensure that #PublicMoneyHasNoParty #mbpoli

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That is $452 million more than the last NDP budget. #mbpoli #BetterMB Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

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At the #AtlanticBalloonFiesta there r 5 #poutinefoodtrucks including #poutinePogos I guess it's a thing out here on the East Coast

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Travelling from Shediac to Hampton, NB, listening to the @banjobowl2017 on @680CJOB. #lookinggood #fortheW #mbpoli #ontheroad

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"This is a tremendous opportunity for Winnipeg and Manitoba" - Premier @Brian_Pallister #mbpoli twitter.com/mbgovnews/stat… Retweeted by Blair Yakimoski

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